26 August 2014


So I'm back for this week's favourite song, and these past couple of days I've really been loving James Blunt again! This is one of my favourites, but they're all so pretty! Hope you enjoy it!

24 August 2014

Think Happy...46/52...

Hey guys, I'm officially back from my holiday and slightly more recovered! I've had stomach pains over this weekend, but now they seem to be coming to an end, so I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about everything.

1. I had a mini photoshoot on the beach! It was incredibly cold and windy, but I bravely ditched my hoodie to get this shot, among others. I'm hoping to write up a post on all of the shots, so here's one.

2. I had so many nice meals out with my family, and I'll be showing pictures over the course of this week.

3. I play a game called Ace of Spades, and within this game I'm part of a clan called the Lime Party. There was recently a competition between teams from different clans, the Ace of Spades World Cup, and Lime Party won! Although I didn't compete, it feels great, since our clan is probably one of the least competitive clans out there! Go team!

4. Hannah came back from Italy! Missed her so much!

5. Also related to Ace of Spades, I use this awesome software/program/Idon'tknowwhattocallit called TeamSpeak, and over this week I've been using it so much to talk to my fellow teammates and friends!

18 August 2014

Think Happy...45/52..

Hey all, looks like I have another post that's going up a day late. Better than never though I guess. Anyway, I'm going away to Wales today for a family holiday, so I won't be posting until Friday at the very earliest, possibly even Saturday. Anyway, here goes!

1. I had my hair cut much shorter, and it's so much easier to wash now. I didn't want that much off, so my hairdresser kept it as long as she could, but a good three inches still ended up on the floor. On the bright side, it's all an even length now and looks much healthier.

2. I've made some new friends over the game I play (Ace Of Spades). We've Skyped a lot this week, and it's been so much fun! Thanks guys!

3. I watched Frozen with my cousin! It wasn't what I expected, let's just say that!

17 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Days 19 and 20...

These two days have been pretty cool! Luckily today was a rest day, so I sat gaming with my friends from Europe, and ate too much. Oh well! xD Here's yesterday's thoughts.

The sit ups. I did these in sets and they were hard work.

The leg raises. Just as hard as the sit ups.

The plank. I enjoy doing these planks, I feel them as being the easiest exercise.

The squats. These are my second favourite! They're challenging but I can feel the biggest improvement in my muscles.

Anyway, I'm leaving for holiday tomorrow morning, so I won't have any time for these workouts until next Saturday. When I get back, I will continue where I left off at day 21!

15 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 18...

Hey guys, I'm finally back on track, all aches and pains are gone, for the minute anyway.

The sit ups. I did these in four sets of 20, and they definitely worked me!

The crunches. Right. I hate to say this, but I'm not going to continue doing these anymore. Although I have gotten a more correct form, I tried these today and my neck was hurting yet again. That's the reason I won't be doing these anymore.

The leg raises. I did these in two sets of 24 and it hurt! Wow.

The plank. This was not as easy as before, but I could feel it.

The squats. I did these in sets so they weren't too bad.

14 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 17...

Hey guys! I've been super busy again today but I just had time to do these.

The sit ups. My neck is still too sore.

The crunches. As above.

The leg raises. Not too bad.

The plank. Easy!

The squats. Alright.

13 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Days 15 and 16...

I'm combining yesterday's and today's posts since today is a rest day and I didn't have the time to post yesterday.

The sit ups. I couldn't do them, I tweaked something in my neck.

The crunches. As above.

The leg raise. Not too bad.

The plank. Was easy, we did a ton at dance afterwards too!

The squats. These were okay today.

That's it for yesterday (day fifteen). I've been spending today looking for a dance to cover!


So right now I'm totally loving this song!! It's so pretty and has plenty of dance potential. I was too busy to post this yesterday, so you're getting it today instead :D

11 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 14...

Today I really threw myself into the workout. I've had possibly the worst day on my record, and there's nothing I could do to fix it. So my workout was more or less fuelled by anger and self pity.

The sit ups. I couldn't do them. I seriously want this neck to get better, it's bumming me out!

The crunches. Same as before.

The leg raises. I did these! Not too bad, got much worse at the end though.

The plank. Hardest one I've done yet. I managed it, but as I looked up at the clock I felt something tweak in my already painful neck. Great way to top off today.

The squats. I really enjoyed the burn today. I've found it distracts me from life.

Think Happy...44/52...

So this week has probably been the most productive one I've had in a while. I managed to get some things done, so much so that I forgot to write this yesterday! Anyhow, I'm writing this today instead.

1. I met up with friends on Saturday, at the festival, and had a great time! Don't have any pictures with them, shame! It was awesome.

2. My photo got on the popular page of 365 Project!

3. There's been some good tv this week, actually. The Great British Bake Off was on on Wednesday, Tumble was on on Saturday and Got To Dance was on on Saturday and Sunday, although I didn't watch it.

4. I had contemporary on Tuesday, which was great. We finished our first troupe dance, and I got to test out my new leotard. I also got offered a solo, so I've found some music out for that!